Conference papers, dissemination and presentations

Conference presentations and posters

Cornock, M. (2023). Leading with direction and uncertainty: change within an online education team. ALT Annual Conference, 5-7 September 2023, University of Warwick. Abstract [PDF]. Related article.

Cornock, M. (2022). Creating the microcredential ecosystem. FutureLearn Authoring & Administration Group. 13 October 2022. Slides [PDF].

Huskinson, S. and Cornock, M. (2020). Learning technologists as learning designers: reflections, roles and modes of learning. ALT Winter Conference, 15 December 2020.

Cornock, M. (2019). Evidencing personal and professional development on FutureLearn. FutureLearn Academic Network, 18 November 2019, York. Slides [PDF].

Cornock, M. (2019). Enabling professional development by letting go of the pedagogical paradigms. ALT-C conference, 3-5 September, Edinburgh. Abstract. Video recording [YouTube]. Written article (July 2020).

Cornock, M. and Langley, M. (2019). Supported Online CPD: secondary teachers’ experiences. Session at ASE Annual Conference, 10 January 2019, University of Birmingham.

Cornock, M. and Shields, T. (2019). Supported Online CPD: primary teachers’ experiences. Session at ASE Annual Conference, 10 January 2019, University of Birmingham.

Cornock, M. (2018). How can we better support learner engagement? Presentation at FutureLearn Academic Network, 6 November 2018, LSHTM, UK. Presentation slides [PDF].

Cornock, M. (2018). Engagement in MOOCs by pre-prepared versus just-in-time learners. Presentation at OER18, 18-19 April 2018, Bristol, UK. Presentation Article [PDF]. Recording [YouTube].

Cornock, M. (2017). How do you upskill a team in MOOC design? Lightning talk at the FutureLearn Partners Forum, 11 September 2017. Annotated slides [SlideShare].

Cornock, M. (2016). Strategies for supporting effective student engagement with lecture recordings. Short paper for the ALT Annual Conference, 6-8 September 2016. Abstract [PDF]. Slides [SlideShare]. Conference Site.

Cornock, M. and Hare, R. (2016). Using technology to engage students and support active learning. Poster for the University of York Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2016, 7 June 2016, University of York. Abstract [PDF]. Poster [PDF].

Cornock, M. (2016). Is there a place for Blackboard Collaborate in blended learning design? Workshop at the 16th Durham Blackboard Users Conference, 7-8 January 2016, Durham University, UK. Abstract [PDF]. Conference Programme [PDF]. Slides [SlideShare]. Twitter chatter [Storify].

Hare, R. and Cornock, M. (2015). The York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook. Webinar for ALT Online Winter Conference 2015, 9 December 2015. Abstract and Recording of Webinar. Slides from WebinarVideo overview of the York TEL Handbook [YouTube]. York TEL Handbook website.

Cornock, M. (2015). Justifying lecture capture: the importance of student experiences in understanding the value of learning technologies. Extended paper, #867, ALT-C 2015 – Shaping the future of learning together. Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, 8-10 September 2015, University of Manchester, UK. Abstract [PDF]. Slides [SlideShare]. Twitter chatter [Storify].

Cornock, M. (2015). Learning before and after the lecture: the role of learning technology. Presentation at the University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2015, 10 June 2015, University of York. Abstract [PDF]. Slides [SlideShare]. Also provided evaluation data for Dr Martin Smalley’s project report Enhancing Lectures with Video Recordings in Physics which was presented in the same session.

Cornock, M. and Walker, R. (2014). Why do students use lecture capture? Interim report on a qualitative research project. Presentation and panellist at Lecture Capture: Building the Evidence Base, 17 December 2014, Loughborough University, UK. Summary, Slides. Watch Recording [Loughborough Review].

Cornock, M. and Parkinson, B. (2014). The Paperless Student: The impact of an intervention addressing digital study competencies. Short paper at ALT-C 2014 – Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave, the 21st Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology 1-3 September 2014, University of Warwick, UK. Abstract [PDF], Slides [Slideshare].

Cornock, M. and Parkinson, B. (2013). Encouraging use of digital resources: responding to student feedback about problems of reading on screen. Presentation at the 3rd Annual Higher York eLearning Conference, 4 June 2013, York St John University. Recording and Slides, Conference website, Reading On Screen website.

Cornock, M., Davis, S. Stout, H., Britcliffe, W., Cherneva, L. and O’Kane, M. (2013). Social media for social policy: working together for creative employability skills development. Workshop at the University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013, 8 May 2013, University of York. SummarySlides [PDF].

Wenham, A. and Cornock, M. (2013). Exposing students to ‘real-world experiences’ – collaborating with external organisations to uncover policy implementation within the local context’. Seminar at the University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013, 8 May 2013, University of York. Abstract [PDF], Slides [PDF] and Project Blog.

Cornock, M. (2013). Creating rich resources with free tools: Customised Google Maps for Learning & Teaching. Workshop at the 13th Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference, 9 January 2013, Durham University. Summary, Slides [Slideshare].

Cornock, M. (2012). Unravelling student expectations: The use of early data and student feedback to inform implementation. Short paper presented at ALT-C ‘A Confrontation With Reality’ the 19th international conference of the Association for Learning Technology, 11 September 2012, University of Manchester. Abstract [PDF], Slides [Slideshare].

Cornock, M. and Wenham, A. (2012). Engaging students in online social spaces: experiences of using Facebook for teaching and learning. Presented at the University of York Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2012, 16 May 2012, University of York. Abstract [PDF] and Slides [Slideshare]

Cornock, M. and Skinner, C. (2012). Feedback and student engagement in long-thin modules. Poster for the University of York Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2012, 16 May 2012, University of York. Abstract [PDF, page 9] and Poster [PDF].

Walton, P., Cornock, M. and McIlroy, R. (2012). A VLE platform to support service user and carer participation in social work education. Presented at the 2nd Annual Higher York eLearning Conference, 30 May 2012, York St John University. Conference Page and YouTube tutorial on designing a VLE space.

Cornock, M. (2011). Time to ditch the reading list? Workshop for the Higher York eLearning Conference, 6 June 2011, York St John University. Slides [Slideshare] and Cloudworks discussion space.

Cornock, M., Gunn, R., Mann, K., Cumberpatch, S. (2011). Innovations and collaboration in information literacy and academic skills. Poster presentation for the University of York Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2011, 25 May 2011, University of York. Poster [PDF].

Newsletter articles

Cornock, M. (2019) ‘Teacher professional development for and because of educational technology’, published comment on ‘Priorities for implementing the EdTech Strategy – improving educational outcomes, supporting teachers, new approaches to procurement and tech sector engagement with schools’, Westminster Education Forum, 25th April 2019.

Cornock, M. (2015) ‘Using technology to propel student learning’, FORUM Magazine, Issue 39, Autumn 2015, University of York, pp.13. Available online.

Smalley, M. and Cornock, M. (2015) ‘Enhancement of Lectures with Video Recordings. Physics Pilot Project’, FORUM Magazine, Issue 38, Summer 2015, University of York, pp.15. Available online.

Cornock, M. (2014) ‘Using technology for learning: an innovation or an expectation?’, FORUM Magazine, Issue 34, Spring 2014, University of York, pp.10. Available online [PDF].

Other presentations

  • Panel speaker. Developing Learning Design Maturity. Online Learning Summit, University of Leeds, 10-11 July 2023.
  • Chair. A Systems View of Accessibility. Online Learning Summit, University of Leeds, 10-11 July 2023.
  • Co-Speaker with K.H. Shiflett. The Stackable Future. Lightning Talk. FutureLearn Partner Forum, London. (12 July 2022). Slides [PDF].
  • Speaker. Senior CMALT – Section 6 Advice. BLE CMALT Cohort Workshops. 5 August 2021.
  • Invited panellist. Lecture capture discussion. Digital Commons, University of Sheffield. (19 October 2016).
  • Speaker. Scaling up the service and supporting students. UK HE Lecture Capture Meeting, University of Manchester. (27 June 2016). Slides [SlideShare]. Recording [Manchester Video].
  • Invited speaker. Supporting student learning with lecture capture. Keele University.  (9 June 2016). Slides [SlideShare].
  • Invited speaker. Understanding how and why students use lecture captures. TEL Research @ Liverpool Group, University of Liverpool. (6 June 2016). Slides [SlideShare].
  • Invited speaker. Use of learning technologies for academic support. Local network of the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (13 Jan 2016).
  • Workshop lead. Using social networks to create a research impact. Workshop on WordPress and Twitter for the White Rose Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (19 Feb 2014). Introducing Twitter and Blogs [PDF]. Next Steps with Twitter and Blogs [PDF]. Twitter for Academics [SlideShare]. Blogs for Academics [SlideShare].
  • Speaker. Embedding Social Media Training within a Subject Context. ELDT Show and Tell Lunch (22 May 2013).
  • Workshop lead. Introduction to WordPress and Twitter. Optional workshop for Social Policy Association Conference (July 2012).
  • Co-presenter. SPSW Welcome Sites, as part of Simon Davis’s session Delivering transition support through the VLE. Durham Blackboard Users Conference (Jan 2011).
  • Speaker. Approaches to Facilitating Online Discussions in Welcome Sites. ELDT Show and Tell Lunch (2012). Related blog post (Four types of student posts in introductory online discussion activities).
  • Co-presenter. Online study skills tuition, as part of eMA team presentation on study skills for online learners. York FELT Conference (2010).
  • Speaker. What is CMALT and why is it worth achieving it. Digital 20/20 York CMALT session (2010). Presentation [PDF].


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