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This is my personal website to share articles, work and reflections.

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I am Head of Online Learning in the Digital Education Service at the University of Leeds, UK. I’ve worked in online and digital education for over 15 years, starting as a learning technologist, before moving into online professional development, with a focus now on learning design and online education.

Previously, I have led online learning at a national CPD organisation for teachers, supported the implementation and evaluation of learning technologies and innovation in learning and teaching in higher education, at both departmental and institutional level, and led on pedagogy and service management for institutional lecture capture.

I am a Senior Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology. I have a Masters in Online and Distance Education and a Masters of Engineering in Electronic Engineering with Media Technology. These qualifications have enabled me to explore the way that technology, creativity and learning intertwine.

I was a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2016-2019.

Skills and knowledge

  • Leading online education projects and programmes.
  • Learning design for courses and activities for professional learning and higher education.
  • Supporting colleagues in the use of learning technologies and digital pedagogies.
  • Evaluation of learning technologies and digital education approaches.
  • Photography, video editing and audio editing.
  • Accessibility, licensing and copyright.

Awards and acknowledgements

  • 2019 Learning Technologist of the Year, Team Award – Second Place: Online CPD at STEM Learning (Association for Learning Technology)
  • 2014 Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award (University of York)

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