CMALT Portfolio

Matt Cornock CMALT Portfolio

Originally written 2010. Updated May 2016 and re-certified 5 August 2016.

Portfolio review

An archival copy of my original portfolio, submitted January 2010 and certified 13 February 2010, is available with redactions for public access:

The original portfolio was written to a different specification, so should not be used for reference when writing new portfolios. I have supplemented my original submission with updates and intended revisions within the portfolio sections linked on the left.

For the portfolio review process, please see the following pages:

Confirmation and date of submission

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input and support of others duly and clearly recognised.

Matt Cornock

Matt Cornock

30 May 2016

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