Future plans 2023

Revisiting my CMALT portfolio has reminded me of my achievements at STEM Learning and how far I have progressed at the beginning of my leadership role at the University of Leeds. Reflecting on my professional practice and my values has reminded me that even though I am one-step removed from the direct application of learning technology, many of the decisions I make and discussions I influence are based upon my experience and ability to consider the impact of learning technology on the educational experience.

In the immediate term I look to support my team through the significant change programme I am leading to set us up for design-led approaches and scalable online education. After this, I am looking forward to spending more time evaluating online education, closing the evaluation and design loop, and driving forward opportunities for a wide range of students through digital education. 

As mentioned earlier, I am looking forward to bringing meaningful case studies of practice, evidence-based presentations and exploratory workshops to conferences and events, to share my team’s excellent work and to continue to learn from others in the sector. My reflective writing and in depth articles for my blog are also bringing me focus to my work and I will be prioritising this activity over the next few years.