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  • Reflection sketch (looped arrows around a face)

    Renewing my Senior CMALT portfolio

    A little behind the three-year cycle, I have renewed my Senior CMALT portfolio, which (thankfully) passed and captures my commitment to the Association for Learning Technology core principles. Senior Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology (SCMALT) is for experienced learning technology professionals or those with leadership responsibilities who are able to demonstrate influence…

  • Framework - interleaved metal form - Sean Scully - Crate of Air (2018, YSP)

    A leadership framework for online and digital education: adapting ALT Framework for Ethical Learning Technology

    In a leadership role I adopt reflective practice to explore ways to improve my approach and ultimately enable me to support my team to achieve our team and organisational objectives. Collaboration is one of my underlying principles and I have shared my thoughts on this previously as particularly important in educational settings. Recently, I have…

  • Online Learning Summit Leeds - Opening day 2 to interest excitement and inspiration

    Thinkingful design: finding more to learning design through the Online Learning Summit

    It’s been a couple of weeks now since I attended and contributed to the Online Learning Summit at the University of Leeds. Like many, I am still processing the many ideas, methods and challenges discussed and using these perspectives to critically appraise my own work and more broadly that in the online education sector. I…

  • Footbridge to Hepworth Wakefield Art Gallery: concrete sculptural architecture

    Thoughts on education, art and finding connection

    Opinion piece. When I visited the Hepworth Wakefield in April, the exhibition of drafts, prototypes and completed works triggered a somewhat surprising emotional response in me. In an age where knowledge is on tap, much working time is spent in a digital ecosystem and creative endeavours have the potential to be reduced to the algorithms…

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