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Lecture Capture and Webinars

It’s been a busy term… which is a poor excuse for a lack of updates to this site. However, over the next few weeks I’ll try to back fill my blog with all the exciting things that have gone through my head, buzzed around in there for a bit, and flown out through the other side or found themselves embodied in some meaningful output.

Lecture Capture

I’m currently undertaking a little bit of qualitative research into students’ use of lecture recordings as part of their overall study process. The main objective is to complement (and address the gaps in) existing literature that focus heavily on tenuously linked student attainment and a general sense of student demand without really knowing why. I’m presenting my interim report at the Lecture Capture event at Loughborough next Wednesday. Slides will be available in due course.

I’m also compiling summaries of lecture capture use and research studies as a collection of slides which will also be available on my slideshare at some point over the next few weeks.


I’ve also become champion for our institutional webinar (online seminar) tool, running on Blackboard Collaborate. Expect more noise about this in the future also.

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