Blended learning with webinars and web conferencing software

Web conferencing may be seen as just for distance learning or business, but there are many opportunities to exploit synchronous online communication for campus-based courses. With the overhead, and often cost, attached to enterprise-level systems, surely we should be exploring ways technologies such as Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate and others can be used, where appropriate, … Continue reading Blended learning with webinars and web conferencing software

July 2015 – Work review

This month I have been mostly writing a handbook for technology-enhanced learning practice, exploring use cases for Collaborate and meeting up with a range of people across campus. Learning design for synchronous online activities I’m pushing the use case for Collaborate, our supported webinar (online seminar) tool, at the moment as there is potential to … Continue reading July 2015 – Work review

Learning designs with synchronous web conferencing

In this post we explore three ways Collaborate could form part of the learning design for a module and the way different learning experiences are offered by using┬ásynchronous online activity. Collaborate is an online seminar tool, and as such allows participants to use video, voice or text chat to communicate without needing to be in … Continue reading Learning designs with synchronous web conferencing

April 2015 – Work review

Online seminars, web-conferences, webinars, call them what you will… this month I started off with a comparison of the big three apps. This is April 2015’s work review. Web-conferencing recommendations At the start of the month I posted a review of Google Hangouts, Skype and Blackboard Collaborate as web-conferencing tools for the higher education sector. … Continue reading April 2015 – Work review

Lecture Capture and Webinars

It’s been a busy term… which is a poor excuse for a lack of updates to this site. However, over the next few weeks I’ll try to back fill my blog with all the exciting things that have gone through my head, buzzed around in there for a bit, and flown out through the other … Continue reading Lecture Capture and Webinars

Reflections on Supporting a Postgraduate Virtual Open Week (Durham Blackboard Conference 2012)

Part of a series of posts reporting back on the Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012.

  • Parallel session: Postgraduate Virtual Open Week at the University of Edinburgh
  • Presenter: Josephine Kinsley, University of Edinburgh

In this post I wish to focus mainly on the way Kinsley managed the training approach, but first here is an outline of Edinburgh’s virtual open day project.