September 2016 – Work review

Start of term is on the horizon and for support staff the preparation is in full swing to ensure we’re ready to handle the questions and calls when colleagues begin using the services and start teaching again. September always seems to have time available when the diary is reviewed in July and August, but quickly … Continue reading September 2016 – Work review

Does provision of lecture capture affect student satisfaction?

I was asked recently whether there was any evidence to show that provision of lecture captures affects student satisfaction. Whilst many journal articles on lecture capture will affirm that use of captures does positively affect satisfaction, I explore here why simply providing captures (i.e. providing the tool) does not automatically lead to student satisfaction. It’s … Continue reading Does provision of lecture capture affect student satisfaction?

Lecture capture study advice

While most use of lecture captures by students occurs during revision windows prior to summative assessment, institutions have an opportunity to encourage students to think about how lecture recordings can support learning during term time, as an integrated enhancement to their study practice. The study advice that follows aims to achieve that. Building into student … Continue reading Lecture capture study advice

Three insights into student use of lecture capture supporting independent learning

This post summarises three conclusions arising from a mixed methods study of students’ use of lecture capture, drawing upon the detailed experiences of 12 students from the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychology. Participants provided diaries of how lecture capture was used to support private study, records of their use of the system … Continue reading Three insights into student use of lecture capture supporting independent learning

Justifying lecture capture (ALT-C Paper)

I presented ‘Justifying lecture capture: the importance of student experiences in understanding the value of learning technologies’ at ALT-C on 9 September. My main argument was that we need to┬áchallenge superficial arguments that support lecture capture, such as ‘it is nice to have’ or ‘aids revision’ by exploring how and why students are incorporating the … Continue reading Justifying lecture capture (ALT-C Paper)

June 2015 – Work Review

This month I have been mostly making videos and talking to people. With a bit of feedback collecting too. In-class technology Following up on interest from teaching staff in being able to capture hand-written content using Replay, I spent a little time this month putting together some videos on how to use visualisers (document cameras) … Continue reading June 2015 – Work Review

May 2015 – Work Review

Lecture capture features highly on my agenda again, but this month I’ve also had time to co-deliver a PGCAP session on technology-enhanced learning, provide some advice for students revising and complete my penultimate MA assignment. The impact of lecture capture at York With a lot of data now to hand, I am keen to share … Continue reading May 2015 – Work Review

Researching lecture capture impact – going beyond change in grade

Following on from my posts on the E-learning Development Team blog, I wanted to share my thoughts on my approach to researching the impact of lecture capture provision amongst our students. There are a number of papers and research projects out there which are looking for experimental evidence to support, or not, the use of … Continue reading Researching lecture capture impact – going beyond change in grade

Lecture Capture and Webinars

It’s been a busy term… which is a poor excuse for a lack of updates to this site. However, over the next few weeks I’ll try to back fill my blog with all the exciting things that have gone through my head, buzzed around in there for a bit, and flown out through the other … Continue reading Lecture Capture and Webinars

Onwards with a new role

On Monday I start a new role in the Elearning Development Team at the University of York as Lecture Capture Coordinator and Elearning Advisor. As such, my last day within the Department of Social Policy and Social Work as their Web & VLE Coordinator was yesterday and by happy coincidence this was the same day … Continue reading Onwards with a new role