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MC Work Log

September 2016 – Work review

Start of term is on the horizon and for support staff the preparation is in full swing to ensure we’re ready to handle the questions and calls when colleagues begin using the services and...

June 2015 – Work Review

This month I have been mostly making videos and talking to people. With a bit of feedback collecting too. In-class technology Following up on interest from teaching staff in being able to capture hand-written...

May 2015 – Work Review

Lecture capture features highly on my agenda again, but this month I’ve also had time to co-deliver a PGCAP session on technology-enhanced learning, provide some advice for students revising and complete my penultimate MA...

Onwards with a new role

On Monday I start a new role in the Elearning Development Team at the University of York as Lecture Capture Coordinator and Elearning Advisor. As such, my last day within the Department of Social...

Reflections: Online resource personalisation; Work based learning (ALT-C 2011)

This is the second of a series of blog posts covering my reaction to the ALT-C 2011 conference sessions.

Effectiveness of technology to support work based learning: the stakeholders’ perspective 

Rebecca Strachan, Lalith Liyanage, Biddy Casselden, Roger Penlington

Northumbria University