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Lecture capture study advice

While most use of lecture captures by students occurs during revision windows prior to summative assessment, institutions have an opportunity to encourage students to think about how lecture recordings can support learning during term time, as an integrated enhancement to their study practice. The study advice that follows aims to achieve that.

Building into student study practices

At a fundamental level, using the captures during term time has increased the opportunity for students to engage with the lecture content a second time. From my research, students appreciated the value of attending the lecture to get an holistic view of the lecture content, being selective in note-taking and identifying where to focus attention in private study. The captures then allowed students to target their study time, following up on new or complex concepts in a variety of ways, engaging captures through note-making.

The focus of improving students’ learning is harnessing the relationship between the in-class experience, providing that holistic view that depends on a lecture narrative that introduces new ideas and helps to make connections, and the independent or group study experience outside of the lecture that allows new concepts to be looked at in more detail.

The study advice that follows has been inspired and based upon experience of real students who participated in detailed interviews about their personal study practices and how studying fits in with their university life. Not all approaches will work for all students, so the videos aim to offer a range of study techniques students may wish to try out. Indeed, some of the students who were interviewed revealed that they changed technique each term or depending on the course content.

Student advice videos

All videos are captioned. Click the icon on the YouTube player.

Studying with lecture captures

This video explores the role of lecture captures for study before, during and after lectures.

Four ways students watch lecture captures

Students use Replay lecture captures in different ways: to follow up on specific concepts, to supplement gaps in notes, speed-watch the lecture, watch the whole lecture again.

Making the most of your lectures

This video emphasises the importance of attending the lecture and making the most of the contact time with staff and other students.

From note-taking to note-making

Four approaches to improving lecture note making: written notes, annotated slides, mind maps and the Cornell method.

Study workflows

Seven approaches using lecture captures as part of studying practice that students shared during the interviews.


Adapted from an original post on the ELDT Blog: New resources to help students studying with lecture capture. Research and resource development as part of my E-learning Adviser role at University of York.

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