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Online CPD forum

My role involves course development and course management of CPD delivered online. I’m always interested in learning from others and sharing perspectives, so that the experience of participants can be enhanced through appropriate learning design and use of learning technologies.

I’m looking for like-minded folk to come together, share ideas for designs and activities, raise questions for research or share their evaluations. This is likely to be through scheduled web conferences at a mutual time.

In particular, I’m hoping we could focus on where learning technologies and online learning design enables in-practice development for professionals from a wide range of contexts, e.g. teaching, industry, business, creative arts. This may be in the form of short courses or other types of connected interventions, as opposed to formal degree programmes.

Possibly topics of conversation:

  • open online professional development (MOOCs, SPOCs)
  • CPD courses vs CPD ‘e-training’
  • specific learning technologies for CPD
  • sustained participation within and across online CPD activities
  • blended models for CPD
  • evaluation approaches for online CPD
  • marketing online CPD

If you are interested, please send me an email or tweet @mattcornock (feel free to share what topics you’re interested in) and I’ll organise a virtual get together.

I’ve set up a JISCmail list as there were a few people interested from the ALT membership. If you would like to be part of the network, please feel free to subscribe to the Online CPD Forum.

If you know of groups already addressing these areas I’d also appreciate your suggestions to save reinventing the wheel.

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