Online and Digital Learning

Enabling professional development by letting go of the pedagogical paradigms: considering the role of learning design, data and research in my practice (part 1 – dilemma and direction)

This reflective article is a version of my paper presented at the ALT Conference, 3-5 September 2019, Edinburgh (abstract, annotated slides, video recording), exploring the ideas that have influenced how I view online learning design for open online courses. It draws upon my experience as programme lead for online CPD at the National STEM Learning […]

Work Review

Online CPD forum

My┬árole involves course development and course management of CPD delivered online. I’m always interested in learning from others and sharing perspectives, so that the experience of participants can be enhanced through appropriate learning design and use of learning technologies. I’m looking for like-minded folk to come together, share ideas for designs and activities, raise questions […]