Useful web considerations: Bing vs Google, YouTube and accessibility, Top 100 internet sites

This is a very brief post about a few web related things that are worthy of note recently.

Bing is coming! Batten down the hatches, Google

I have to say I’ve been very impressed with Bing’s advertising campaign which effectively brands itself as a ‘decision engine’ rather than a search engine, but more noteworthy for me is how they’ve drawn out the point of ‘information overload’ which is oh so prevalent in modern society. Taking a look at some of the anti-Microsoft comments on the (Google-owned) YouTube videos of the adverts you might get the impression that people don’t like Bing. However, I get the impression that whilst most of us ‘web savvy’ types are happy to use Google and have trained ourselves to filter a lot of the Google Search Results Pages (SRPs) to find the stuff we want, Bing is targeting those people who are overwhelmed by seeing ‘1-10 of 304,235,000 results’ at the top of the SRP.

How I lost all my images on Google Image search: the perils of default settings

Although I like to consider myself quite well versed in the art of SEO and visibility on the web, I did have a ‘slap-forehead-moment’ a few weeks back. I’d recently reinstalled Drupal (which this site runs on) to the latest version. However, what I failed to remember was that I’d created my own robots.txt and .htaccess files to allow Google Image search to pick up on the 500+ images stored on this site. When I reinstalled Drupal, by default it overwrote the .htaccess and came with its own restrictive robots.txt which hides the photo storage folder. Bang, Google obeyed and removed all the images from its Google Image search database.

There is a different Google out there – trust me

Whilst most UK Googlers don’t yet see much of a difference, in the US Google has made a few minor alterations to it’s interface. Most of the time when you go to whilst in the UK, you will be automatically redirected to – however you can get to the .com version using browser search boxes (most modern browsers now have an inbuilt tool at the top right allowing you to search from a selection of search engines). Here’s a very brief comparison of the look’n’feel of the two main pages.