Googlemail down (again) – The curse of GMail

By Matt Cornock

OK, so this is a hurried post relating to the current Googlemail outage (something to do with cows and wind?), however consider the following points:

  1. I’ve recently switched to Googlemail from Hotmail (Windows-Live-Email-MSN-To-Your-PC-Via-Hotmail-Explorer-Messenger-ver-9.3) because Google is cool and doesn’t pretend to be your friend, because it already is.
  2. Hotmail has probably only been down once in the 10 years I had my account. Googlemail has been down more than once in the 10 weeks I’ve been with it.
  3. When Googlemail goes down, there are in excess of 500 Tweets per minute about it: See here and here.
  4. When Hotmail goes down, the users make a cup of tea as they don’t know what Twitter is.
  5. When Googlemail breaks, as does its support site due to the numbers of people logging on trying to find out why Googlemail has disappeared. (Hotmail users don’t even attempt this.)
  6. Hotmail has had more name changes than a celebrity wife. Googlemail just has a maidename (Gmail) and court-imposed name (Googlemail). News story re that.
  7. You don’t get funny looks from your parents when you say you’ve just created an account on the Googlemail website…

Anyway, just thought I’d add my views of Googlemail vs. Hotmail to the mix (if only to convince myself I made the right decision). Also: what’s with ‘labels’ as ‘folders’? I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

p.s. I do feel slightly dirty when I become one of those people who post on Twitter about Googlemail being down.


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