There is a different Google out there – trust me

By Matt Cornock

Whilst most UK Googlers don’t yet see much of a difference, in the US Google has made a few minor alterations to it’s interface. Most of the time when you go to whilst in the UK, you will be automatically redirected to – however you can get to the .com version using browser search boxes (most modern browsers now have an inbuilt tool at the top right allowing you to search from a selection of search engines). Here’s a very brief comparison of the look’n’feel of the two main pages.

So what are the differences between the .com and the (aside from a slightly altered algorithm)? Well, the interface has gone more clean-lined than before. The .com Google logo has lost the TM and drop shadow, and made a little larger. The search box is fatter (taller) and isn’t cluttered with ‘advanced search’ or ‘language’ option links. Noticably though, the buttons have been styled blue. Which intially made me think Windows/Bing, but I don’t know why that is.

Anyway, something to share with you if you’ve not stumbled across it: interface:

UK Google Homepage

.com interface:

International .com interface

Note: Screenshots used are © Google.

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