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Guidance for processing data from FutureLearn

This document outlines the method for data processing learning participation data in the form of .csv files available to course developers and educators running MOOCs on the FutureLearn platform.

This method was used to create the data set for analysing learner engagement as presented at OER18 on 18 Apr 2018 and FLAN, London on 6 Nov 2018.

This analysis explored the different patterns of learner engagement based upon the point at which a learner enrols, relative to the notional start date of a course.

Key data processing rules

  1. Exclude data from learner ids belonging to the course team.
  2. Exclude data belonging to learner ids not with learner role.
  3. Exclude data from learner ids where the learner appeared to have accessed the course before course start date.
  4. Exclude data from learner ids where the enrolment occurs or step access occurs beyond the bulk of the course participants last dates.
  5. Exclude learners who do not have a complete data set (see limitation point 3 in the document).


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