Learning Technologist – Oldest job around?

I don’t write many ‘musing’ posts, but in this one I’ve flung together a few thoughts on the way we all learn to adapt to use technology in our own specific contexts. Defining the learning technologist role There are many definitions of the role, all painting slightly different pictures of what a learning technologist does … Continue reading Learning Technologist – Oldest job around?

Onwards with a new role

On Monday I start a new role in the Elearning Development Team at the University of York as Lecture Capture Coordinator and Elearning Advisor. As such, my last day within the Department of Social Policy and Social Work as their Web & VLE Coordinator was yesterday and by happy coincidence this was the same day … Continue reading Onwards with a new role

Book recommendations: recommended reading – elearning, web usability and development

There are many books out there on elearning, higher education teaching, web usability, accessibility (and all the other things I’m interested in). Though the list below is by no means comprehensive, it will provide you with a good starting point for your office library.