Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012

I will be writing up summaries and reflections on the sessions I attended at the Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012. Blog posts I will link through to the posts here when I publish them. You can follow me on Twitter too to get post updates. Using the VLE as a Trojan horse – transforming practice … Continue reading Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012

Reflections on panel session: Institutional minimum standards for VLE use (Durham Blackboard Conference 2012)

Part of a series of posts on the Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012.

This post is a summary of the discussion that took place in the panel session on the topic ‘The Implications and Practicalities of Agreeing and Enforcing a Threshold Standard of use of a VLE in an Education Institution’ chaired by Mike Cameron of Newcastle University. The session took place at 4.30pm on 5 January 2012. Throughout I have added my own take on the issues raised.


Reflections: Making Open Educational Resources happen (ALT-C 2011)

This is the first of a series of blog posts covering my reaction to the ALT-C 2011 conference sessions.

Planning a resource-based learning website for students


This video is a presentation of how a Social Work Service User Participation website was planned. The site aim is to enable service users and students to interact and to provide a repository of information for students. It was developed by Pat Walton and Sue Lansley of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York with my advice in planning for the student learning experience.

Moodle 2.0: File management and repository – file picker vs course files

I must admit, straight away, that writing this post has left me in tears. As I sob over my keyboard, my head is spinning in conflict about the way file management has been implemented in the brand new version of Moodle: Moodle 2.0. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to write a post called ‘Dr. Strangemoodle. Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the file picker.’ That day is not today.

Reflections: QR codes (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

As part of the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference which focused on ‘location’ as a theme, mobile technologies were discussed a lot. QR codes cropped up regularly, and although I did not attend the sessions relating to this technology, I’d like to share some thoughts.

Reflections on parallel sessions: The state of elearning in FE/HE (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

This post is a selective summary and thoughts raised by one of the parallel sessions at the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference. This session presented a review of findings from an institution-wide survey on the use of elearning technologies.

Reflections on parallel sessions: Ensuring learning design (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

This post is a reaction to one of the parallel sessions at the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference. As Learning Technologists (LT), we often run the risk of being stuck between ensuring sound pedagogical practice and accommodating the wants of senior managers. None more so when distance learning is presented as a solution to addressing problems of over-crowding, over-working, and over-expenditure.