Compare the meerkat

By Matt Cornock

Compare The Market’s recent (and still current) ‘Compare The Meerkat’ campaign has undoubtedly become engrained in the minds of the UK public. On a recent trip to London Zoo, guess what everyone was saying near the meerkat enclosure? Three months ago, would we have been able to buy meerkat garden ornaments? 

The reason why it’s a success: 

  1. Multimedia campaign with a full blown web presence allowing you to actually compare meerkats.
  2. Simple tag line, similar to the company name.
  3. Simple concept (comparison) emphasised in the campaign, mirrors the concept of the company (comparison of insurance prices).
  4. A ‘cartoon’ character (younger audience appeal) which acts as a reminder when the children see meerkats.
So here’s two of my meerkats for you to compare:
Meerkat 'gnome' garden ornament  Meerkat stuffed toy (from London Zoo)

Um.. yes?

Yes, this is a ‘filler’ post as I am still waiting for wired broadband to grace my presence once again. I’m also waiting to go and get a new desk (I’ve had to sacrifice my old one for space reasons). In other news: I begin teaching an online course starting on Wednesday for two weeks, covering the topics of online academic resources and web search skills. I’m looking forward to it as a new challenge, a combination of my technical expertise with a developing interest of teaching and training.

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