Four stages of competence marketing model: Unconscious incompetence / conscious competence

The ‘Four Stages of Competence’, ‘Conscious Competence’ or ‘Competency’ model traditionally applies to learning, training, self-development, organisational learning and change management. It is a skills model (see here for details), designed to move people around the matrix from unconscious incompetence, anticlockwise to unconscious competence.

Facebook slash – is this the end for web addresses?

In this blog post I discuss the rise of third-party branded URLs and the possible future of web addresses leading towards registration-plate domain names. Are branded URLs becoming redundant?

Facebook dot com slash…

With a number of big brands now using Facebook ( instead of their own web addresses (, the question has to be asked: Which brand is more important to the intended audience?

Twitter Open for Business (and for Dizziness)

Twitter has recently woken up to embracing the B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) community, encouraging C2B (customer-to-business) and C2C (customer-to-customer) relationship building with it’s Twitter for Business 101 pages. In other news below, I am stunned by the use of scrolling text.

Updating a large site

Apologies for not updating the site recently. Lots going on at work has encouraged me to spend less time infront of my PC monitor at home. I’ve been converting thousands of words worth of Word docs into pretty, clean, HTML ready for uploading to Moodle. Then (strangely) converting the tidy formating back into Word to make a book version (it all makes sense really). This ‘basket-weaving’ is a break from the other main project I’ve worked on recently: updating the Department site.