Beyond the higher education bubble – a new role

Last month I took up a new role as Online CPD Coordinator for STEM Learning Ltd. at the National STEM Learning Centre. For the first time in my career I will be working outside of higher education. There are obvious similarities, in particular the opportunity to work closely with subject experts to create valuable learning … Continue reading Beyond the higher education bubble – a new role

May 2015 – Work Review

Lecture capture features highly on my agenda again, but this month I’ve also had time to co-deliver a PGCAP session on technology-enhanced learning, provide some advice for students revising and complete my penultimate MA assignment. The impact of lecture capture at York With a lot of data now to hand, I am keen to share … Continue reading May 2015 – Work Review

April 2015 – Work review

Online seminars, web-conferences, webinars, call them what you will… this month I started off with a comparison of the big three apps. This is April 2015’s work review. Web-conferencing recommendations At the start of the month I posted a review of Google Hangouts, Skype and Blackboard Collaborate as web-conferencing tools for the higher education sector. … Continue reading April 2015 – Work review

CMALT advice: Core Area 3 – The Wider Context

I recently offered some insights as a CMALT assessor to learning technologists at the University of Sheffield who were writing their CMALT portfolio. One of my interests is in the role of policy and legal frameworks applied to supportingĀ learning using technology, for example copyright, accessibility, intellectual property rights, institutional learning and teaching strategies and VLE … Continue reading CMALT advice: Core Area 3 – The Wider Context