Four stages of competence marketing model: Unconscious incompetence / conscious competence

The ‘Four Stages of Competence’, ‘Conscious Competence’ or ‘Competency’ model traditionally applies to learning, training, self-development, organisational learning and change management. It is a skills model (see here for details), designed to move people around the matrix from unconscious incompetence, anticlockwise to unconscious competence.

Online and Digital Learning

Reflections on parallel sessions: Approaches to engaging staff through case studies (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

This post presents a short overview of a parallel session from the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference.This session was mainly about pedagogical templates used to both describe and design models of learning from face-to-face through to wholly distance. It also included descriptions on how case-studies and questionnaires have been implemented as a way to engage staff.