Reflections on parallel sessions: Dynamic tagging and wisdom of the crowd (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

This post is a summary of thoughts of one of the parallel sessions at the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference. The session presented a way of sorting a list of resources based on location, using social tagging to rank and categorise various resources.

Reflections: Concepts of Location, Mobility and Mobile Learning – Second Keynote (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

In this second keynote lecture of the Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011, Professor John Traxler began by challenging the notion that elearning allows learning ‘anywhere, anytime’, and that it is infact not wholly true. There remains unresolved considerations, including sociological issues, to implementing mobile learning. I present here some of his key messages interwoven with my own interpretations.

Reflections: Augmented Reality in Learning – First Keynote (Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2011)

This is the first post of my reflections from the 2011 Durham Blackboard Users Conference (abstracts also available on Durham site) on the theme of Location. My posts won’t be a complete representation of the session, more how I interpretted them and the points that stood out for me. I thought a series of short(ish) posts would be more digestible than a long waffly one. I will add more and collate them in the Reports section of the site shortly.