The tale of a digital hoarder: Videos

Videos are the new photos, in much the same way that black is the new black. For many, taking a video of an event is now just as easy (if not easier) than taking a photo. This is why the vast majority of mobile phones have a video function as well as a photo function. But what happens to these videos after their initial novelty has worn off?

The tale of a digital hoarder: Photos

In this post, I look at the way our attitude to storing photos has changed as a result of the ease and low-cost of digital storage which encourages the digital photo hoarder.

Two questions

My Photos Properties Panel - 49.5GBHow many photos did you use to take with your 35mm film camera? 24 or 36 exposure? A film reel or two a month? Maybe just for holidays or special occasions (or when you wanted to use the film up, perhaps your pet climbing up the curtain?).

How many photos have you taken so far with your digital camera?

For me, my answers are approx 500, and approx 50,000, as very crude estimates.

The tale of a digital hoarder: Introduction

Digital hoarding: The keeping and collecting of all your digital possessions, forever and ever. It’s keeping a copy of everything that has ever passed through your computer, on your screen or in your virtual existence. Much like ‘physical’ hoarding, everything is pretty much kept in a crazy jumble, and with one explosion it’ll be destroyed forever.