Online and Digital Learning

Student activity for deep learning and engagement – Revisiting Case Studies in Motivating the Learner (Part 6)

Continuing my series of blog posts exploring ‘Inspiring Students: Case Studies in Motivating the Learner’, this post looks at a case study from Mark W Teale which puts students’ independent study of case examples at the centre of the learning experience. Reconsidering the role of face-to-face teaching The aspect of this case study I wish […]

Work Review

November 2015 – Work review

This month it’s flipping classrooms with a webinar on flipped learning pedagogy. I promoted the use of in-class technology to capture handwritten learning materials and create video learning resources. I also wrote up my top tips for creating videos for the flipped classroom teaching model. Flipping webinars I delivered the first of a two-part webinar […]