Online and Digital Learning

Motivation through collaboration with ownership, challenge and reflection – Revisiting Case Studies in Motivating the Learner (Part 5b)

I’m continuing my reference to a case study by John R Savery (1999) in ‘Inspiring Students: Case Studies in Motivating the Learner’ (see previous blog post in this series), as there were three aspects to engaging and motivating learners that I wanted to explore further. As part of a suggested approach to lead students to […]

Digital Literacy

Social media for social policy: working together for creative employability skills development

Session presented at the University of York Learning and Teaching Conference, 8 May 2013. See: Conference website. Matt Cornock, Simon Davis, Heather Stout, Lidiya Cherneva, Megan O’Kane. Overview This workshop presents the Social Media for Social Policy project. This is an optional, extra-curricular activity for social science students organised by the Department of Social Policy […]