Facebook now 100% irrelevant to me – The impact of advertising vs user engagement

Facebook’s approach to advertising is one of those topics that has its fans (the marketers) and its foes (the average user). With the desire to make money in order to facilitate the service, advertising is a key revenue stream for Facebook. However, yesterday (probably not for the first time), advertising took up 100% of my Facebook screen space. The problem with this is that as advertising space goes up, my willingness to engage with the site goes down. There should never be a situation where 100% of the screen holds meaningless content.

Usability and design

Top 10: 1990s bad web design (and early 2000s)

Web design has come a long way since the original 256 colour dithering of late-1990s web design and the myriad of weird and wonderful things it brought with it. In the late-1990s and early 2000s personal homepage were on the rage with companies like Tripod (Lycos) and Geocities (Yahoo) offering 5 free webpages with free site building tools. Here’s a top ten list of bad web design elements that we’d hope and pray no longer feature on sites ten years on: