Durbbu 2016 – Transition to HE and student partnerships

Using VLE sites to support student transition to higher education presented by Regent’s University London and Durham University at #durbbu 2016. Ideas around student partnership in site development and possible opportunities for adaptive inductions. At York we have a number of well-established pre-arrival sites across most departments on our institutional VLE. Recently, with the updating of … Continue reading Durbbu 2016 – Transition to HE and student partnerships

Website effectiveness (part 2) – using stats and analytical tools

This is the second part of a three-part series looking at approaches to judging website effectiveness, based upon my approaches and prep notes for a meeting I had with a colleague on this matter. See introduction post.

Website effectiveness (part 1) – defining success of a website

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague recently about how we judge the effectiveness of a website. I thought I’d share my pre-meeting notes here and the approaches and considerations I have to judging the effectiveness of non-ecommerce sites.

Website effectiveness (part 3) – users, social networks and tracking

This is the final of three posts on the subject of how I go about judging website effectiveness. I decided to write these posts after preparing for a meeting with a colleague on these matters and thought how it might be useful to post such ideas (see introduction). In these posts I’ve established how I look at effectiveness in two ways: content and navigation.