Completed in previous roles in higher education.

Funded project participation

  • Automated camera-based lecture recording for Physics and Mathematics (Rapid Response Fund 2015-16).
  • Video recording pilot in Department of Physics (Rapid Response Fund 2014-15).
  • Widening participation for Social Policy (Widening Participation Initiative Fund 2013-14).
  • Collaboration with external organisation to support teaching (Rapid Response Fund 2012-13).
  • SPS Forum Interviews with Guest Academics (Rapid Response Fund 2013-13).
  • Extended Degree Videos (Student Intern Project Match-Funding 2012-2013)
  • Development of a Social Media project and workshop programme for Social Sciences (CETL-E Fund 2010-11).

Selected completed projects and involvement

  • York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook (2015 – 2017): Co-editor of an online handbook presenting recommended approaches to the use of learning technologies, collating guides, case studies and pedagogical frameworks to support adoption of supported tools by academic staff.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (Summer 2014): Survey data collection for University pilot of UKES, analysis and discussion of results with Chairs of Boards of Studies, and co-drafting of written report to UTC.
  • Reading on Screen (March 2013 – Ongoing): Website to support digital competencies for study, based upon student concerns about reducing printed copies of resources.
  • Social Media for Social Policy (June 2012, 2013, 2014): Convened and delivered workshop programme for social science students to up-skill in digital media and communications, recognising the value of digital skills for social policy students’ potential careers.
  • Academic Skills for Social Work (2011-2013): Co-developed a programme of academic skills parallel workshops in digital literacy, information literacy and academic writing; surveyed students before and after workshop to compare learning and identify further skills gaps.
  • Student Module Feedback and Evaluations (2014): Reviewed module evaluation surveys from other institutions to improve departmental evaluations with the aim of having more useful data to inform course development.
  • First Year Learning Technology Expectations (2011-2014): Induction survey providing insights into student device ownership, IT competencies and expectations of the use of learning technology.
  • Module Option Choice System (2012-2014): Departmental module choice system that allowed online submission of module choices by students and staff to email students .
  • Digitisation of Reading Lists (2010): Supporting staff to digitise reading lists in the institutional system; line-managed student intern.
  • New Student Welcome/Preparing to Study Sites (2011-2014): Departmental implementation of centrally-initiated ‘transition’ sites for first year students, released pre-arrival. Original development in 2010 of Welcome Sites for Extended Degree students. See blog post on use of videos for transition.
  • Accessibility resources (2014): Development of resources to promote accessible learning, published on SPSW staff intranet and subsequently made available to institution in new role.

Former University participation

  • Replay Steering Group, Chair ex officio (2014-2017).
  • E-Accessibility Forum, ELDT Representative (2014-2017).
  • Learning and Teaching Forum, ELDT Representative (2015-2017).
  • Disabled Students Allowance Working Group, ELDT Representative (2015-2016).
  • Replay Steering Group, Departmental Representative (2013-2014).
  • Research Computing Working Group, Departmental Representative (2013-2014).
  • SPSW Departmental Equality and Diversity Working Group (2013-2014).

Marketing and website development

The ‘other half’ of my former departmental role was as web coordinator. In this role I supported and led on a number of marketing and website development projects. The largest project was the redevelopment of the departmental website in 2010 to the institutional content management system, involving planning and discussions with departmental stakeholders and the authoring of a large number of webpages for different audiences.

  • Placement Case Studies (2014): Drawing upon placement reports from students (with consent and appropriate data protection where required) to create case studies, managing student intern to create visuals for online and print.
  • Departmental Open Day Materials (2012-2014): Updating existing literature, designing roll-up banners and materials for open day stand with a coherent look.
  • Careers in Social Policy and Social Work (2013-2014): Authoring content, presenting student case studies and producing videos of lecturers discussing career relevance of the subject. SPSW Careers Videos [YouTube].
  • Week in the Life of a Student (2013-14): Diaries of students showing a typical week at York.
  • Welfare Conditionality (2013): Converting site design from graphic designer to a WordPress theme, site set up and customisation for major research project.
  • WHEN (2014): Basic set up of WordPress site and discussion with site owners over development.
  • Departmental Research Pages (2013-2014): Discussion with research leads to create a micro-site appropriate to the aims of the research group. SPEAX; Childhood, Youth and Families; ICMHSR (departmental page).
  • SUPA (Service Users Participation) Group Website (2012): Strategic marketing and website development, helping realise aims and objectives of the group in order to convey their role to a wider audience.
  • Extended Degree Marketing Project (2012): Line-managed and mentored student intern in creation of marketing videos promoting the Extended Degree programme for widening participation.
  • Departmental Teaching Case Studies (2011): Three detailed case studies showing specialisation of social policy in crime, sex and sexuality, and housing. Involved video interviews of lecturers and students, footage taken in class, and creation of webpage case studies. Followed up in 2012 with a case study of a social work professional identity project, including podcast of lecturer and photos of the event.
  • Departmental Videos (2011-2014): Interviews with a number of academic staff, using footage to address a range of marketing aims including explaining the subject, teaching practice, introductions to modules (as part of Preparing to Study sites) and careers. Social Policy and Us Videos [YouTube].
  • York Health Leaders Forum (2011): Microsite development for high-profile project.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (June 2011): Presentation to the University CPD Forum.
  • Departmental Website Redevelopment (2009-2010): Strategic marketing project, rebuilding and structuring website, redrafting content and editing copy; presentation to the University Web Forum.