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Accessibility essentials mini-lecture

Accessibility and Equality

This post presents a 15-minute mini-lecture on accessibility, designed to be useful for anyone creating websites or online resources, including virtual learning environments. The lecture is not exhaustive, but introduces some of the considerations about disabled users’ experiences of the web and how you can create accessible web resources. Full accessibility guidance, including further advice on formatting (for example avoiding underlining text that isn’t a link or mis-using italics with blocks of text) is available through the links at the bottom of the post.


Further resources


Advice for content authors

Understanding how disabled users interact with content

Tools for content authors

  • Colour Contrast Checker – WebAIM’s checker allows you to measure your colour combinations against the WCAG guidelines.
  • Color Oracle – Colour blindness simulation tool.
  • Dyslexia Simulation – WebAIM’s tutorial on dyslexia showing examples of how text may be manifested. Requires Flash (may not work on tablets).

Tools for disabled users

  • Access Tools – Free USB-drive friendly software for accessibility.
  • Reading on Screen – Website with a number of assistive technologies linked and accessibility tweaks applicable to all users.

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