Future plans

Over the next few years, I will have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the Department by facilitating technology-enhanced learning. In leading on projects such as the Department‟s VLE Strategy and working closely with heads of teaching sections I have been able to shape how the Department‟s use of technology is implemented. I look forward to being able to see this long-term project through to, what I hope to be, very positive results for both the Department and more importantly the student learning experience.

I am currently working on several modules in the Department which use the VLE to directly support group work; development of a tool to enable students to select module choices across their degree programme more efficiently; and, a communication and resource area for pre-arrival students. There is also significant opportunity to use the VLE and associated technologies to improve communication and record personal progress whilst on work-based placements.

Depending on personal finances, I would be very keen to consider further formal academic study in the field of learning technology, or the relationship between technology and accessible, inclusive practice. If a degree course is not feasible, then I will certainly continue researching and reporting on these topics to inform my work at the University.

In the future, I hope to be in a position to publish my own research on the use of technology and learning environments. I aim to build a portfolio of case studies by recording the work that I do within the Department, from which I can draw upon and share with other groups in the University, and further afield.

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