Radio broadcasting – URY Gold

By Matt Cornock

I began presenting URY Gold in October 2005 and over two academic years continued a show steeped in URY tradition. Bringing back old music to the airwaves, the show encompasses great music you know, great music you don’t and not-so-great music you wish you never heard. Song and artist information is provided intermittently from Wikipedia, EveryHit and Songfacts. Not forgetting my unique comments on the tracks.

The show has four inherited features: The RecSegue, Artist of the Week, Three Minute Thrill, Long Player. Other features I threw into the melting pot included The Gold Star Song and Golden Years. More details on these below.

Playlists from this show are also available here.

The show’s official website can be found here.

Listen to URY Gold Part 1

Listen to URY Gold Part 2

Listen to URY Gold Part 3

The Gold Star Song

This feature took place in 2005-2006 and was one song each week that was identified as a classic track in music history. The final show of that academic year (30th June 2006) then played all these Gold Star Songs together.

Golden Years

The feature for 2007 takes one year from URY’s history and plays four tracks from the top ten selling singles of that year. The songs are put into context with a splattering of news headlines from that year.

The RecSegue

Two songs back to back that should never be played back to back on radio. This feature is just a blatent excuse to make bad radio. In essence: two songs which either have conflicting genres or some other means to cause cringing when they are played one after the other. Classic RecSegues have been Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore followed by Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around; George Michael – One More Try with Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf; and an awful clash of songs Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me with Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart.

Artist of the Week

I don’t think this feature needs much explanation. I’ve featured David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Carpenters, Billy Joel, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Barry White, The Rolling Stones, Abba, Roxy Music and Supertramp.

Three Minute Thrill

You take a song that’s three minutes or less in duration, then you play it.

Long Player

If you’ve got a feature about a short song, you might as well have one about a long one! Normally the song has to be over six minutes in length. Most songs you hear on radio are either cut down from original mixes or single versions instead of album versions. Some songs are also long in nature and this feature gives them a chance for airplay they may not normally get.


I did a few specials, one on disco, two for Christmas and a rather tongue-in-cheek Valentines Day show. Details of these can be found in the playlists.

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