Radio broadcasting – URY Breakfast

By Matt Cornock

The second of two flagship shows on URY I have been involved with (the first being URY Gold). I have presented Sunday Breakfast (Oct-Dec 2005) and Tuesday Breakfast (Oct 2006 – Jun 2007).

The show normally comprises a mix of the latest chart hits and a couple of 80s/90s oldies. Most of the content comes from the tabloids all too often featuring a strange story about an inept criminal from Germany. Anyway, the show has some other second-rate features but the pace of the show is kept quick, with plenty of music, as there’s only so much you can do on a Breakfast show on your own.

Listen to URY Tuesday Breakfast

Back’n’Forth Competition

The first version of this competition (normally to win a CD or cheap chocolate bar) had four songs from one year. All you’d need to do would be identify the year primarily with bonus points for the artists and song titles.

The second version again uses the idea of music from different years, this time playing a short snippet which is typically one phrase from which the song, artist and year needs to be identified. The phrase is normally short enough to be played repeatedly within a short link. Previous examples have included phrase snippets like “Beams are gonna blind you” (Abba – Supertrouper, 1980) or “Re-al-i-ty” (Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody, 1975/1991).

Breakfast Brainteaser

This is a pretty obvious feature. A brainteaser is aquired off the net and then the listen is given the duration of (typically) an annoying song to work out the solution. These would be riddles or number based. Typically, the in-house mathematician who remained silent on air struggled with the maths ones.

Gold Nugget

The last track of the show was a prelude to URY Gold the next evening, normally one that had been recently sampled in a modern song. Examples included Toto – Africa and Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus.

Extra Features

These features are provided by URY and not my ideas at all but they feature in the show. The URY What’s On Guide was a run down of campus events. The top three URY Chart songs were played from the chart compiled and released the night before. Other URY Teams provided packages like the Mini-Vibe and Mini-Score.

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