Radio broadcasting – Radio Cabin RSL

By Matt Cornock

I began work on the RSL project at Radio Cabin with my On Air team back in March 2003. I wrote out the application which was rapidly accepted and so lots of money went to the Radio Authority to pay for it all.

Susan Torevell gathered up the sponsorships while James B worked on finding some jingles. The week before we went On Air, I sat at home and in the Cabin studio frantically constructing 15 adverts, hundreds of personalised ID tags and was very grateful for Susan’s friend Kamal’s hidden voice over talents. I want to also thank Matt Curtis of Folkestone who also runs a Hospital Radio Station for his help in getting voiceovers for us. Thanks should go to all the team for their commitment and enthusiasm during the two week broadcast.

To give you an idea of what it takes to put on a two week broadcast… first you need formal permission from landowners, the event organiser, organisation committee members. Next you need to apply to (what was) the Radio Authority (now called OfCom) for a licence to operate broadcasting equipment. That’s one hefty application form with details about transmission power, mast height and lots of names for blaming when things go wrong… to which I offered to Radio Cabin’s committee to sign.

After getting the OK from the RA, you then need to get some money to pay for the licence and performing rights. In total, with the RA and WTA licence, paying for Performing Rights and Phonographic Performance Licenses we reached a four figure sum with a ‘2’ at the beginning!

Susan and I then constructed a business plan with advertising slots and costs variating depending on times of day – more popular listening hours, the more costly to advertise – research pays dividends. This allowed a whole range of fees to counter for all sized businesses. After you’ve done the maths and the paperwork its just a case of finding people to buy the airtime off you… no easy task.Once the money’s come in, it then goes straight out to the RA, PRS and PPL people.

Then its just a case of making the jingles, adverts, schedules, ensuring the studio infrastructure is sound and presenters are in working order. Don’t forget the publicity through posters, logos, PA events and general good station presentation and you’ll be away with it all having a rather nice time. Don’t forget to get some of your presenters to make a cheesey song about the whole event which the listening public – for some reason – can’t get enough of: Thanks James & Warren!

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