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Radio broadcasting – Early Breakfast

The first regular show I presented on URY which ran from 2004-2005. It originally started at 7.30am until I got lazy in the second term and switched it to 8am. The show had a mix of pop music, laughable features and a small fan base in the electronics department.

Which… Came First?

Two songs by the same artist (or some other relevant link), all that needed to be decided was which one was released first as a single in the UK. Data provided by Guinness Hit Singles & Albums.

Radio broadcasting – URY Breakfast

The second of two flagship shows on URY I have been involved with (the first being URY Gold). I have presented Sunday Breakfast (Oct-Dec 2005) and Tuesday Breakfast (Oct 2006 – Jun 2007).

The show normally comprises a mix of the latest chart hits and a couple of 80s/90s oldies. Most of the content comes from the tabloids all too often featuring a strange story about an inept criminal from Germany. Anyway, the show has some other second-rate features but the pace of the show is kept quick, with plenty of music, as there’s only so much you can do on a Breakfast show on your own.

Listen to URY Tuesday Breakfast

Radio broadcasting – URY Gold

I began presenting URY Gold in October 2005 and over two academic years continued a show steeped in URY tradition. Bringing back old music to the airwaves, the show encompasses great music you know, great music you don’t and not-so-great music you wish you never heard. Song and artist information is provided intermittently from Wikipedia, EveryHit and Songfacts. Not forgetting my unique comments on the tracks.

The show has four inherited features: The RecSegue, Artist of the Week, Three Minute Thrill, Long Player. Other features I threw into the melting pot included The Gold Star Song and Golden Years. More details on these below.

Playlists from this show are also available here.

Radio broadcasting – Radio Cabin RSL

I began work on the RSL project at Radio Cabin with my On Air team back in March 2003. I wrote out the application which was rapidly accepted and so lots of money went to the Radio Authority to pay for it all.

Susan Torevell gathered up the sponsorships while James B worked on finding some jingles. The week before we went On Air, I sat at home and in the Cabin studio frantically constructing 15 adverts, hundreds of personalised ID tags and was very grateful for Susan’s friend Kamal’s hidden voice over talents. I want to also thank Matt Curtis of Folkestone who also runs a Hospital Radio Station for his help in getting voiceovers for us. Thanks should go to all the team for their commitment and enthusiasm during the two week broadcast.