Reflections: The scientific approach to teaching, Eric Mazur (ALT-C 2012)

For fear of not being able to understand my scribbled, hand-written notes a few months down the line, I have decided to write up my ALT-C experience on the blog again. This is my ‘processing’ method… read on, it’ll all make sense. This post is a brief summary of just a handful of the key points expressed by Eric Mazur, Professor of Physics at Harvard University, for the opening keynote at ALT-C 2012 in Manchester.

The scientific approach to teaching: Research as a basis for course design

Eric Mazur

Keynote, ALT-C 2012, 11 September 2012, Manchester, UK.

Unravelling student expectations (ALT-C 2012 Conference Short Paper)

Unravelling student expectations: the use of early student data and module feedback to inform implementation (in the context of learning technologies). Short paper for the ALT-C Conference, Manchester, 11 September 2012. Matt Cornock (Social Policy and Social Work, University of York) Downloads Unravelling student expectations – Abstract [PDF] Unravelling student expectations – Slides with notes [PDF] Abstract Managing student expectations has become a … Continue reading Unravelling student expectations (ALT-C 2012 Conference Short Paper)

Reflections: Online resource personalisation; Work based learning (ALT-C 2011)

This is the second of a series of blog posts covering my reaction to the ALT-C 2011 conference sessions.

Effectiveness of technology to support work based learning: the stakeholders’ perspective 

Rebecca Strachan, Lalith Liyanage, Biddy Casselden, Roger Penlington

Northumbria University

Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012

I will be writing up summaries and reflections on the sessions I attended at the Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012. Blog posts I will link through to the posts here when I publish them. You can follow me on Twitter too to get post updates. Using the VLE as a Trojan horse – transforming practice … Continue reading Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012

Reflections: Making Open Educational Resources happen (ALT-C 2011)

This is the first of a series of blog posts covering my reaction to the ALT-C 2011 conference sessions.

Planning a resource-based learning website for students


This video is a presentation of how a Social Work Service User Participation website was planned. The site aim is to enable service users and students to interact and to provide a repository of information for students. It was developed by Pat Walton and Sue Lansley of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York with my advice in planning for the student learning experience.