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Videos to support learning in MOOCs

Why are videos so prevalent in MOOCs? In this article I consider why videos and other multimedia that enable narrative and storytelling form core components of the learning design in Massive Open Online Courses...

MOOC design thoughts: individual openness

As you might imagine, if I’m designing MOOCs I really should be learning on some. So I have! A few months ago, I joined my first MOOC and went through the whole process as...

MOOCs – Enough of the sensationalism, will they really affect Higher Education?

I have avoided writing a post on MOOCs (massive open online courses) for far too long. Partly because many other people have written about them already, and partly because I fear I might just write a diatribe. I’m not against the concept of MOOCs I hasten to add (I’d love to develop one), but against the way that MOOCs are being proclaimed by those who don’t know better as the game-changer of higher education. So, be prepared, this could get messy!