Using technology for learning: an innovation or an expectation?

By Matt Cornock

Technology-Enhanced Learning

For the Spring edition of the University of York’s Forum Magazine I wrote about why we should encourage innovation in technology-enhanced learning and what approaches could be taken.

Drawing upon data I collected from our first year students, it is clear that more of our students are contributing to the internet through participation of social networks like Twitter or uploading content on blogs or on YouTube. The idea that the web, and hence virtual learning environments, is just a platform for consumption is outdated. However, much of our ‘baseline’ approach to technology-enhanced education is on the delivery of lecture slides and information. There is still scope to tap into the full potential, not just of technology, but of students’ willingness to engage.

My main argument though is to understand your learners. This is the basic premise of pretty much every educational training course, however often one we take for granted. By understanding your students, you have a better idea of what might work and what will utterly fail.

For more examples and a further exploration of this concept, take a look at my article on Page 10 of the Forum Spring 2014 edition:

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