ALT-C 2011: Conference report

By Matt Cornock

From this page I will link all the blog posts and anything else of interest that relate to my attendance at the 18th Association for Learning Technology Conference, held at the University of Leeds in 6-8 September 2011.

I won’t be reciting a blow-by-blow account of the session content, however I will attempt to take the points which I found interesting and where appropriate, consider implications and possible applications. As such, often I will summarise what I got out of the message of the speaker rather than their verbatim remarks. Naturally though, it should be clear what is ‘their’ ideas and what are mine.

Session overviews


I’ve selected here some of my favourite Tweets from the event. No doubt some of these will be quotes from other people speaking during a session, some will also be highly out of context, but worthy nonetheless of mentioning. [No particular order]

  • @Czernie – Successful Uruguay project presented at #altc2011 & someone asks what help Uruguay needs from UK- shouldn’t question be the other way round?
  • @jules_u – @gillferrell: #altc2011 Uruguayan universities not geared up to receive the newly IT enabled kids << but what a great motivation for change!
  • @tbirdcymru – Digitally literate graduates produce not just consume dig content, are comfortable w documenting and sharing
  • @fredgarnett – Tech must be faster, more creative student centred, less for it’s own sake, flexible access in many contexts for loan (ref @josiefraser)
  • @technogogical – we need to be disruptive with education to achieve change Miguel Brechner keynote
  • @vickimcgarvey – students feel relaxed with VLE they feel safe with it
  • @z_rose – Students like live lectures because it gets the listen/note take process over with
  • @jamesclay – #altc2011 is trending on Twitter… Oh dear
  • @julievoce – The VLE is not dead, it’s undergoing a metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly called VLE+
  • @imadali – “Google is the largest educational institution”
  • @AlexM11 – so many noobs reinventing the wheel – only way to get a grant
  • @sarahhorrigan – An audio introduction to the course is not personalisation!
  • @helenbeetham – Nice evidence that students see recorded and ‘live’ lectures as two different learning opportunities
  • @LearnTribe – For students lecture capture recap not replace lecture. Struggle to take notes and participate live. 95% surveyed value LC
  • @romeih – online identity more to do with behaviour and relationships than the information provided – gist of @amcunningham thesis I think
  • @FieryRed1 – are there things we would miss if we opted out of social media and may this affect us professionally?
  • @jonnycrook – teaching in #SecondLife no tech issue but lack of imagination. Example when it works [YouTube video ‘Teaching in the Danger Zone by USC Center for Scholarly Technology and Technology Enhanced Learning]

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