Portfolio Review: Updated future plans

Updated future plans

As noted from my work summary and CPD, conference attendance and presentation will remain high on my agenda. I use these opportunities to position my own practice against others, exploring the priorities of other institutions against my own, and bringing ideas for practice into my context. I wish to continue the critical and evidence-based discussion on the role of learning technologies, specifically on lecture capture as my main responsibility, but also in areas such as synchronous online collaboration for blended learning programmes. Learning analytics is a trend which I have not yet explored, and over the next few years this may be one aspect I wish to look at further. One of my main concerns is how abstracted data may be applied effectively to understanding student contexts, so I will be interested in reading research addressing that concern.

More immediately, my priorities will be working more closely with academic staff on course and activity designs. The institutional York Pedagogy project is raising the profile of technology-enhanced learning, as such I will be engaging with departments to tailor guidance that meets the learning objectives of programmes and subject disciplines. I have already begun exploring the relevance of lectures in some departments, discussions I found rewarding in providing me with an opportunity to talk about learning and teaching in different contexts. I hope for similar discussions with staff for other aspects of pedagogy, including lab-based work, field-work, seminars and peer-assessment, as I work with new departments over the next two years.

I have recently applied for Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and over the next few years will be working towards Senior Fellowship after I am able to demonstrate impact in developing colleagues’ practice and leading strategic learning projects. I also intend to continue as a CMALT assessor and support colleagues in their applications.

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