Appendix 2b: Extract from Department Induction

This guide demonstrates how I have used very specific Department orientated examples to show how the navigation works within the Blackboard learning environment. Using specific examples that students can relate to helps in the learning process.


Extract from Department Induction: Worksheet

This extract from the ‘hands-on’ section of the Department Induction demonstrates my ability to create learning materials and devise ways of interacting with technology in a non-overwhelming way.

Task 3: Blog exercise

The aim of this exercise is to help you become familiar with the blog tool. You‟ll post and edit your own blog, and you‟ll view and comment on another group‟s blog. As part of the exercise you will read some netiquette guidelines, to make use of the blogs and wikis a friendly experience for all.In order to complete this exercise (and the remaining tasks) you will need to have signed up to a group (in Task 2). Please ask the instructor to assist if you cannot access Task 3, 4 or 5 in the module folder.

Post on a Theme: Your first few days at York

You can interpret this theme as widely as you like. You could focus on your journey to York, the first day in residence, a place you‟ve found on campus you really like, or perhaps you‟ve attend Freshers‟ Ball (and not yet recovered)? Did you learn anything from your experiences? Remember to make the content of your post appropriate for the VLE.

  1. In the module folder, click on Task 3: Blog exercise.
  2. Read the Netiquette Guide before continuing.
  3. Locate your group‟s blog and click its View link.
  4. Click the new entry link (top right of page) to start making your blog post.
  5. Change the Blog Entry Title to something meaningful.
  6. Add your post in the main text editor window.
  7. Click the Save button to post.

If you need to make any changes to your blog post, you can use the edit link near the blog post title.

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