Appendix 2a: Examples of feedback used to reshape the eLibrary course

The University provides an online anonymous feedback system which allows easy collection and collation of data. There were 20 respondents (54% response rate).

In free-text answers, the majority of people commented that the sections on evaluating websites and how to use MetaLib were the parts of the course they found particularly helpful. Using this feedback and the statistics below, I decided to spread out each of the units on searching and MetaLib over a week instead of five days, to fit better with the student’s work life.

The third unit was made an ‘optional unit’ and took up a third week.

The volume of work in the module was: Too much (30%), About right (70%), Too little (0%).

The pace of the 5-day timetable was: Too fast (45%), About right (55%), Too slow (0%).

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